From a Review by
Kathleen Patel


"... The book should be mandatory for students. Mr. Allen illustrates how a slanted version of history has contributed to years of misunderstanding, resentment and fear.


The truth that the author uncovers is a game changer.


The practice of slavery is disgusting and barbaric, but the blame goes much further than the cruel slave-owners. (Some of which were actually black)


Slavery and human trafficking is alive and well. Thriving, actually. Like many other atrocities, it is a global money maker...a multimillion dollar business. For thousands of years greedy, heartless people have become rich through this horrific practice. Everyone involved has blood on their hands. The blame must be shared. It was actually black African men that rounded up the slaves that were sent to the New World.


There are so many unbelievable revelations in this book it will change your whole way of thinking. For example, the way that politics and the media manipulate race relations, and how it’s beneficial to keep the climate of hatred alive. You will start to see how we are all pawns in this emotional manipulation of misunderstanding and half-truths.


Read this book. Tell your friends and family about it. It’s time to unite as a people. Now more than ever.


ALL lives matter.


As Mr. Allen says, We need to get to a place where we refer to ourselves as American citizens... not black, not white, not brown...American."


Kathleen Patel is a best selling author and motivational speaker.


"Dear Mr. Allen, Your viewpoint on "racism" is very refreshing. I am sickened by the divisive stance from both sides of the issue born from lack of information. It is a tough row to hoe, but I think your book can help."



"This is an excellent book and should be a mandatory read in every school in America. Racism is tearing our country apart and is a tool for some politicians to divide America."



"I feel the book is extremely important to our understanding of race and the false assumptions we have been given from our society in general. It is so refreshing to see one of the first real honest assessments of race in America in decades.  Most of our race issues have been falsely represented by people of color as well as the media and the left. We solved all of our systemic race problems nearly 50 years ago. Do we still have racist? Sure. Mostly from people of color because it is an easy excuse for their own failures. Let's at the least be honest about race and not let our bias color our world view."



"The book was a great read. I want to read it again. It is a very intellectual book well written, it was very easy to feel as if I was in the first person with you when you shared some stories. This is a great book, however so many people will not want to believe your facts and that the first American slave owner was a African native."



"Appreciate your defining the difference between a racist and a culturalist. I just hope it is not to late for critical thinking to save a sinking ship."



"Thank you so much for all your hard work researching, organizing and producing this commentary. After struggling decades with the black and white issue myself, it is very rewarding to have all my jumble of thoughts arranged and confirmed in the simple, direct, eloquent and truthful insights of your book. Congratulations on a job well done. I will reread it soon and pass it on to my wife and others. Also I will be ordering some more copies to send along to other family members and friends.


Although your book is a giant step in the right direction and I feel it will be well received by thinking people of all the various skin pigmentations, there is still that vast multitude of ignorant beings that will be offended by the truth of things. The only way I feel this predicament can be eradicated is to restructure the curricula of our abhorrent  public school system and make your book required reading from junior high on. But, you know as well as I that it will probably never happen.


I firmly feel that the elite power mongers who have taken over this country and most of the rest of the western world really don’t want blacks and whites unifying. They are keeping us divided so they can divvy up what's left of western civilization. They have managed to take the soul out of every aspect of our lives and give us in return a cheap and dumbed down reality. The flock is again being led astray by the avarice and ambitions of the deluded tyrants. And unfortunately most of them do have white or let's say lighter skin tones. But If all whites were suddenly to disappear, human nature would  prevail and the baton of greed and subjugation would just be passed along to the next in line. Truly an age old dilemma that our founding fathers understood, and because of which, they created the marvelous democratic institutions that kept the evil side of humans in check for a little while.


It is therefore essential for every member of society to remain ever vigilant against the intrusion of corruption and greed that has repeatedly been the down fall of civilizations from day one. You are one of the keepers and I admire and applaud you for your commitment.  And because of this, it has given me hope that I can also carry this torch of light and goodness that we all can possess if we try."


A commentary from a different perspective about Race Relations and reason for concern by Waylon Allen