When my wife's teenage


with Scottish heritage, said


I don’t like

White people.”

I did not know what to say.

So I said nothing at the time.


Suddenly I was faced with

the need to defend White People

to a White Person.


This caused me to

take a new look at historical

information relating to

Black and White People.


To my suprise,

my research made me realize

that I had been

completely mislead and

misinformed about racial

history in America.


I found that

the majority of White People

have much to be proud of

regarding race relations,

and that Black People

have a lot to

be appreciate and

thankful for toward

White People.


As an example

Click Here
to view

an aritcle I wrote.

The Title is


"White Black People Should Not

Blame White People for Slavery"


I later began to write a letter

to my Granddaughter

to respond to her statement

regarding her dislike of

White People.


The letter became little book

with the title,

“The Black and White of Racism.

Writing the book defending

White People was

 a particular challenge

considering my

native American ancestry.

Unfortunately the native

people did not fair so well

as the Black People

in America.


But for me personally,

my family fully assimilated

into American society and culture

and I cherish my individual

freedom as an

American Citizen.


After reading the book

my Granddaughter wrote

me a note stating:


“I did not realize the truth

about slavery and the good things

white people have done for

black people in our country
and for the world.

Thanks, Papa, for writing
the book for me.”

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A commentary from a different perspective about Race Relations and reason for concern by Waylon Allen