The Black and White of Racism


"The Black and White of Racism"
Was Written

"While taking my wife's granddaughter to a doctor’s appointment she told me that she does not like white people. She went on to say that she feels most white people are racists and treat black people badly. She also said that many police offices are racists and “bad cops.”


I was a bit shocked and confused. My step granddaughter is 17 years old, of Irish and Italian heritage, comes from a liberal household that strongly supported Barack Obama for President. Her only experience with a police officer is when one stopped to help her when her car was stalled in traffic.


I did not know what to say and wondered if she included her family as white people she does not like. I let it pass and changed the subject.  However, the brief conversation continued to be of concern to me and, I felt, needed a response.


"The Black and White of Racism" is the result of that brief conversation. While researching and writing the book, I realized that there is much about the racial history of our nation that has not been presented to most of the American people. I do not know why much of this information has been withheld from the public, however, the truth will be of mutual benefit to all races. Rather than guilt and blame, the information in this book can help to heal the racial divide and bring us together as a fully integrated people." **

do not cease to exist
because they are ignored"

-- Aldous Huxley

(** Quoted from the "The  Black and White of Racism by Waylon Allen)

A commentary from a different perspective about Race Relations and reason for concern by Waylon Allen